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Ron Stone Delivers Hands-on Certification Workshop in Hong Kong and Follow-up Consulting for Baxter Healthcare Asia Pacific
ROI Certification: Measuring Business Outcomes and Calculating the ROI of Training Interventions 

Managers and training consultants of Baxter's Asia Pacific Talent Management and Commercial Training teams participated in a workshop to focus on learning and applying tools to help achieve key performance objectives of measuring the business impact and return on investment of their training initiatives.

Coaching and follow-up consulting with the teams is helping the teams to execute their plans as they evaluate strategic leadership, employee development, and sales training initiatives. As business impact studies are completed the professionals will become Measurement and ROI Certified.

Ron Stone Delivers Hands-on Workshop for AstraZeneca in Shanghai, China

Training Needs Analysis - Situational Needs Assessment

Training consultants and managers of AstraZeneca's sales force learning and development team participated in a workshop to learn International best practices in needs assessment and analysis.

The training professionals learned to use a proven process and tools to convince clients of the necessity for a needs assessment and to determine training and performance needs and align solutions with the business. 
Tools were used to practice applying gap analysis and root cause analysis. 

Participants also engaged in applying risk assessment tools to determine the risk of learning transfer to the work setting. Developing companion actions and strategies was a key component of the workshop. 

The final phase of the workshop addressed how to gain client approval for the preferred solution by presenting the needs and solution in a performance centered framework.

Ron Stone Delivers Hands-on Workshop for Cal Bank Executives in Ghana

Human Performance Management - Measuring the Intangibles

Executives from CAL Bank's corporate office and the bank's branch managers spent two days in an intensive workshop learning to effectively manage talent and assess performance. The executives learned how to develop competencies for the intangible tasks that knowledge workers perform daily. 

They also applied the keys aspects of performance management by learning how to negotiate goals and expectations, assess performance, differentiate performance, recognize performance, develop talent and assign equitable incentive payouts in a pay for performance system.

Ron Stone Delivers Hands-on Workshop in Cape Town, South Africa

Organizational Learning Analytics

Participants applied real-world proven tools, worksheets and processes to help them link their training to the business and measure results effectively.  During the workshop, participants developed plans and strategies to evaluate one of their own programs in order to later execute the measurement and ROI process in their organization.

The learning process included many useful case studies and scenarios to facilitate the involvement, collaborative problem solving and deeper thinking to resolve issues and build confidence to execute.

Participants worked in teams to apply the ROI Quality Analysis Tool to determine the credibility and quality of the ROI in case scenarios.

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