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Evidence-Based Process and Tools for Breakthrough Training
Measurement Tools
Stone's Measurement and ROI ProcessTM

A qualitative and quantitative measurement and evaluation methodology with a ROI component.

A five phase process for partnering to measure and evaluate training and performance solutions. It includes how to measure return on investment if your evaluation purpose takes you in that direction.  If not, it lets you bypass the ROI steps and proceed to determine execution of performance and business outcomes. 
Tools, templates and guiding principles lead you through the process.  When calculating ROI, a ROI Quality Analysis™ is applied to analyze the quality and credibility of the ROI calculation. This guarantees that the ROI will not be misleading and will reveal the true value and contribution of the project or program being evaluated.

A Sample of measurement tools, templates and job aids are provided below.
Click on tools and templates below. Tools and Templates Copyright 2004 - 2011 by Ron Drew Stone.  All rights reserved.

TOOLS: Click on links below to each tool, template or job aid. These are selected from various chapters of the 2011 McGraw-Hill publication "The Real Value of Training - Measuring and Analyzing Business Outcomes and the Quality of ROI".  This textbook provides detailed instructions and examples of the tools and templates.

Stone's Measurement and ROI Process
Six Steps to Determine Best Sources

Two Ways Training Can Impact the Business
Stone's Evaluation Framework
Best Practice Methods for Data Collection

Determining Unit Value
Stone's Guiding Principles for Measurement
Methods to Determine Causal Linkage
Suggested Outline for Impact Report
Five Cs of Data Collection Job Aid to Select Causal Influence Method
Tips for Reporting Results
Credible Sources for Data Collection

Considerations for Sustained Impact

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