Center for Performance and ROI, Inc.

Evidence-Based Process and Tools for Breakthrough Training
Consulting Services
We are your expert source to help ensure that your learning and performance solutions are getting the results you and your clients expect. 

Building the right measures into your learning and performance solutions

We assist clients to build-in the right measures for learning readiness, execution in the work setting, and business outcomes.  Measures help to clarify client requirements, define expectations and drive desired performance. Don't let your learning solution be absent
of this important ingredient.
Coaching and expert consultation to measure the results of key programs and projects
es......we will help you measure business outcomes and even return on investment after your solution is delivered. Better than that, we will help you determine the quality of the ROI so that the results of the quantitative number (the ROI) are not misinterpreted.  Review Ron's client testimonials on this Website and you will see that you will receive coaching from the best. He has conducted hundreds of business outcome and ROI studies and directed hundreds more on all types of training and performance solutions, projects and talent management solutions in every industry and many government agencies.
Aligning solutions to achieve business outcomes
Designing performance-centered solutions to get results and keep them aligned with the business is a key to success. Our consultants use our processes and tools to help you overcome obstacles and keep your solutions linked to the business and the needs of your clients.

Needs assessment and analysis
Our consultants apply the 20th Century Situational Needs Assessment processes to help you identify performance gaps, root cause and breakthrough solutions. Risk assessments are utilized to determine the need for companion strategies and to gain client follow-up support.

Accountability assessment of vendor proposals
We help you set up supplier requirements and establish quality and performance standards to ensure your investment with vendor partners gets the business results you require.

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