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Client Testimonials

The unsolicited testimonials we receive from clients highlight the level of our expertise and commitment to results.  We are committed to providing each of our clients with high quality service, breakthrough results and excellent returns on your investments!

Once a Client, Always a Client

Here's a sample of what our client's say about us…

Easier to Practice

"Regarding this training topic, it was not the first time we learnt the concept of Training ROI. While comparing with our former experiences, Ron's workshop was much easier to practice."

Training Officer, Engineering, Emerson Climate Technologies Research and Development


Makes Me Think

"I've attended many courses before, but you are the one who makes me think more."

HR Manager, Learning & Development, Evonik Degussa (China) Co., Ltd


A Recipe for Success

"Ron’s work is a key resource for all of us in the learning space. Two concepts in particular are not to be missed: the ‘Performance-Centered Framework’ is a great blueprint for building alignment with business challenges and the ‘Active Management Reinforcement’ connects the performer with the manager and the work setting and the work, a perfect recipe for success."  

Rebecca L. Ray – Group Head, Global Talent Management & Development, MasterCard Worldwide

Practical and Professional

"This is the most professional workshop about training ROI. The content and tools are objective and practical."

Training & Development Manager - Black & Decker, China

Clearly Defined Tools

“If you follow the PAL process, you will get the desired training result!  The process includes clearly defined, well-structured tools that will definitely benefit both training professionals and line managers to achieve training effectiveness.”

Han Qing, Director, Siemens Management Institute


Energy, Interest and Passion

“I have been a great fan of yours. The kind of energy, interest, and passion you bring with your facilitation is very praise-worthy. Salute to you. In India , we really pay huge respects to teachers and I am indebted to you.”

Ramon - Economist from TCS


Tools and Templates

“A lot of tools & templates and excellent organization!”

Manager, Learning Institute, Asia Pacific, York International


Experience and Guidance

“Thanks Ron!!  I've talked a lot about the great work we have done together and my team is just beginning the journey of effectiveness.  It’s a great place for me to be based on my experience and guidance from you!!”

Compliance Training Manager, Commercial training and development; Genentech Biotech, USA


Processes that Make Sense

“The Situational Needs Assessment approach is just what I need.  Needs Assessment finally makes sense to me.  Thank you Ron!”

Learning and Development Manager, Samsung


Fresh Approach

“Ron, I really like the idea of your risk assessment tools. This gives me a total new outlook on talking with clients. Thank you for this fresh approach.”

Borg Warner


Systematic and Versatile

“This is systematic and I can take different situations and apply it differently. Great!”

Training manager, ZTE Corporation


Pain Relieving Tools

“I wish I had these tools on my last project. It would save me much grief!”

Learning & Development Manager, Bristol-Myers Squibb


Valuable Seminars

“Ron...your seminar is the best I've attended in 30 years....invaluable and you did a grand job!” 

Joe Schumacher, Corporate Training, Intrado University


Winning Results

“Now I can set objectives and measures and tie them to the business.  One contract that is won as a result of ROI could be worth thousands to millions of dollars to the company.”

Senior Consultant, USA Consulting Company


Proves the Value of Training

“For the first time, I will be able to compute ROI for my programs.  My department will have more accurate depiction of business impact. Thank you Ron!  Great job!”

Training Manager, ComCast Cable, Inc.


Intangible Returns

“Thank you Ron for helping me to learn to work with intangibles and justify my numbers. I am sold on ROI”

Manager of Administrative Training & Development, MTA Long Island Bus


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