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Evidence-Based Process and Tools for Breakthrough Training
The Real Value of Training - Measuring and Analyzing Business Outcomes and the Quality of ROI. Ron Drew Stone. McGraw-Hill, New York, NY (2011).
ISBN: 978-0-07-175997-7

Using Stone's groundbreaking methods, you will create a training program that is powerful but flexible enough to refocus at a moment's notice, so it remains aligned with the organization’s interests, no matter what happens—whether it's another economic meltdown or a shift in business strategy. Take your training ROI to a new level of credibility! With The Real Value of Training, you have everything you need to verify that your training solution is directly aligned with business strategy and to determine and communicate its ultimate value to the organization.

"Those who have criticized ROI will be pleased with Stone’s ROI Quality Analysis (RQA). HR directors and training managers will benefit from implementing this credible technique and Stone's 'secret sauce ingredients' allow instructional designers to serve up a five-star training program."
— STEPHANIE MOOSHEGIAN, Ph.D., Chair, Saint Louis University's Organizational Studies Program

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Aligning Training for Results: A Process and Tools That Link Training to Business.  Ron Drew Stone. Pfeiffer, San Francisco, CA (2009).  ISBN: 978-0-470-18175-1

A potent, comprehensive, and versatile resource to help guide trainers through assessing, designing and delivering training solutions by aligning with the business to achieve real and measurable results.

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The Human Resources Scorecard: Measuring the Return on Investment. Jack J. Phillips, Ron D. Stone, Patti P. Phillips.  Butterworth-Heinemann, Woburn, MA (2001).  ISBN: 9780877193678
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How to Measure Training Results: A Practical Guide to Tracking the Six Key Indicators. Jack J. Phillips, Ron D. Stone. McGraw-Hill, New York, NY (2002).  ISBN: 0071387927

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