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Surveys and Questionnaires

We are experts at developing and administering any type of survey or questionnaire for your organization. Review the choices below and give us a call to discuss your needs and options. We are flexible!
  • We design and develop the instrument and you administer it, or
  • We partner with you to design, develop and administer the instrument for you, or
  • We design, develop and administer the instrument, analyze the data, develop findings and conclusions, and provide a report with the results.

Helping organizations improve training's contribution to the business and making the training dollar go further.

We provide workshops, certification, virtual coaching and on-site consulting services to enable the development of skill sets in needs assessment, aligning training with the business, performance management, measurement and evaluation and designing interventions for results and return on investment (ROI).


Through our two-day public and on-site workshop engagements, we enable the transfer of skills to you and your team.

Our workshops are facilitated using action learning techniques.  They include case studies, case scenarios, shared problem solving and relevant visual alignment maps that make learning effective, exciting, easy and fun.

Experience, apply and learn our measurement and ROI process and our needs analysis process through application and guided skill practice.
    Certification and Coaching

    Attend our three-day hands-on Measurement and ROI Certification workshop and become certified when you apply our processes to your evaluation projects when you return to your job.
    No need to pay for 4 or 5 day evaluation and ROI workshops to become certified when you can do it in 3 days and be coached by the best coach in the business as you apply the tools in your job setting.

    Receive ongoing follow-up virtual coaching from Ron Stone, one of the world's leading and most experienced experts, as you apply our processes to become measurement and ROI certified.


      We provide evidence based consulting services worldwide, enabling clients to achieve breakthrough results with training and HR solutions.

      We help clients assess and analyze training and performance needs, develop meaningful measures that align solutions with the business, design performance-centered solutions and measure business outcomes, including ROI.

      “It is not the ROI, but what’s underneath it that should occupy our inquiring minds”  Ron Drew Stone, The Real Value of Training - Measuring and Analyzing Business Outcomes and the Quality of ROI.  McGraw-Hill, 2011 

      Can you really trust the ROI analysis of a training intervention?

      Click here for the publication that answers this question and provides the methodology, tools and templates to discover the truth about the value of training interventions, how to determine it and how to demonstrate it.
      Stone's Measurement and ROI Process is the only ROI methodology that includes a ROI Quality Analysis™ to reveal the truth about ROI analysis and calculations.

      Do not be deceived by ROI. Learn how to use a fool-proof tool to analyze and determine the quality and credibility of the ROI.

      Don't risk your reputation and programs by depending on a ROI quantitative outcome that can easily distort the truth.  A number and a percentage can be very deceiving. 

      ROI calculations of your learning and performance solutions may turn out to be very positive.  Yet the ROI can easily misrepresent what executives and others view as acceptable results. 

      Learn the ROI process and as a bonus, identify and analyze the "seven key categories of variables" that influence ROI.  Don't make the mistake of letting "only" a number (ROI) drive your training strategy and business decisions. Determine the magnitude and quality of the ROI, then make your decisions.

      Learn how to use Stone's measurement and ROI process and the ROI Quality AnalysisTM to discover and communicate the meaningful results and contribution of your solutions.  Analyze and reveal both the qualitative and quantitative results of your interventions so there is no mistake about the true value and the quality of the ROI.

          Learning how to apply measurement

          processes is now easier thanks to our exclusive graphic visual learning maps!

          Are you or your staff having difficulty learning measurement and ROI or training needs analysis? 
          These processes can often be quite difficult to learn and execute.  That is why we created our visual alignment learning maps.
          These exclusive visual learning maps provide effective, exciting and fun ways to learn. They are also an effective job aid to help ensure work place execution following the training.

          Learning is not about events or lengthy workshops. Learning is about doing - applying what you learn and making a difference. We coach you all the way through to success during your application on the job. 
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